Strange Company`s Director, Hugh Hancock, died in 2018. Strange Company is no longer a registered Company. This site is part of his body of work, and as such it is hosted and maintained by a group of volunteers and as an archive of his work. If you have any problems with the site, please report them using this form.

Hugh Hancock has been called "the father of Machinima". As one of the pioneers of real-time 3D animated filmmaking - known as Machinima - he has worked on pioneering new ways to make movies with unexpected technology for more than 15 years.

He founded, now the fourth-biggest YouTube channel in the world, directed the online-distributed feature film BloodSpell, and has been quoted on the future of filmmaking in the New York Times, the Guardian, on the BBC and on NPR. He has travelled the world talking about Machinima filmmaking, from the Game Developers' Conference in San Jose to the Annecy Animation Festival to the Digital Media Fest in Singapore.

He also fronted possibly the geekiest cookery show in the history of the medium, Kamikaze Cookery.

Currently he is completing work on Death Knight Love Story and developing new production techniques for his next film, which will use cutting-edge non-game CGI.

On the rare occasions he's not making films, Hugh is a coffee obsessive, enthusiastic cook, and martial artist.