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"Your veins flow with my ice, and you will kill."

Arthas Menethil was once the hope of his people and the truest warrior of the Light.

But he was corrupted both by war and the forces of darkness, misled and goaded down an ever-darker path.

And that path led to the destruction of the man who was once known as Arthas, as he called upon ancient, evil powers to fuse his soul with the Lord of Cold and Death, the Lich King.

Now he rules his army of the dead, and endlessly plots the destruction of all living things, expanding his empire and jealously guarding anything or anyone he believes to be his.

Is the man who once was Arthas dead, as many believe? Perhaps not. For within the supposedly emotionless heart of the Lich King, at least one emotion stirs.


Arthas Menethil, the Lich King, is voiced by Brian Blessed.

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