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"You had so much fire. I wanted you to blaze."

Miria was one of the first Death Knights. She served Arthas Menethil in life, and after she died on the ice in his bid to claim Frostmourne, she was raised to serve him again in death.

She was raised at the start of his great war against humanity, and served him well. A master of her unholy powers, a swordswoman without equal, and a frozen-hearted killer, she performed the Lich King's bidding through many battles - and more massacres.

Even in life, she never married, devoted instead to the blade. And when she died and rose again, it seemed her heart had not returned with her.

That is, until an encounter with a desperate warrior of the Light in a doomed attack on Mord'rethar, the Death Gate of the Lich King's fortress.

In that man, Sir Zelieck, she found skill and anger to match her own.

But she was still the right hand of Arthas - and the Lich King is a jealous ruler.

And that's where our Death Knight's love story begins...

Miria is voiced by actress Anna Chancellor. She is the only major character in Death Knight Love Story who is not an existing character from World of Warcraft, instead having been created to be the hero of DKLS!

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