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"You want death, Lich King? Then fight me."

Sir Zelieck: first of the Four Horsemen of Naxxaramas, the Lich King's dreadful floating necropolis.

He is said to be a paladin so strong that even corrupted as he is, the Light still obeys him. But what brought him to this point?

Valiant, stubborn, and brave to the point of foolhardiness, Sir Zelieck was once a holy warrior opposing the cold and dark of the Lich King.

He took his small force, unsupported, through all the horrors of the Lich King's land, and faced the Lich King himself in battle. And he paid the price for that, in pain and frozen death.

But the horror was not over - for the Lich King tore the peace of death from Zelieck and his troops, and forced them to serve him.

But it was in the darkness of the Lich King's gladiatorial pits that Zelieck found one thing he had never expected: a woman whose fire and skill matched his own...

Sir Zelieck is voiced by Jack Davenport.

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