Strange Company`s Director, Hugh Hancock, died in 2018. Strange Company is no longer a registered Company. This site is part of his body of work, and as such it is hosted and maintained by a group of volunteers and as an archive of his work. A comprehensive list of the works being archived can be found here. If you have any problems with the site, please report them using this form.

Principal Cast

Anna Chancellor

Best known for "Four Weddings And A Funeral" and BBC America's "The Hour", Anna has balanced work on stage, TV and film throughout her career.

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Jack Davenport

Jack Davenport is best known for his role as Commander Norrington in the "Pirates of the Carribean" series, as well as his starring roles in TV dramas such as "This Life", "Coupling", "Flash Forward", and "Breathless".

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed is known equally for his Shakespearean performances with Kenneth Brannagh and his larger-than-life roles in films such as "Flash Gordon".

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Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley is best known as Patsy in UK comedy "Absolutely Fabulous" or as Purdey in "The New Avengers".

Writer / Director

Hugh Hancock

Hugh Hancock has pioneered real-time 3D animation for more than 15 years. He founded, now the fourth biggest YouTube channel in the world. He directed the Creative Commons-licensed "Punk Fantasy" film "BloodSpell", wrote the book "Machinima for Dummies", and has been quoted on Machinima and animation in the New York Times, the BBC, and the Guardian.

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Full Cast And Crew

Arthas, the Lich King
Lady Blaumeaux

Casting Directors


Other Voices

Miria Mocap Acting
Zelieck Mocap Acting
Lady Blaumeaux Mocap Acting
Arthas, the Lich King Mocap Acting
Other Roles Mocap Acting

Fight Scene Mocap

Animation and Mocap Cleanup
Facial Animation

Lady Blaumeaux modeling
Arena Zelieck modeling
Miria and Zelieck modeling
Character Concept Art
Arthas Character
Motion Capture Technician
Assistance with MoCap Setup
Motion Capture Testing
Arena Fight Rigging

Written And Directed By
Art Director

World of Warcraft By
Fight Direction


Foley Consultant
Legal assistance
Cannon sound by ljudman @

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Judd, Amy Roskilly, Benedict Luke Green,
Tim Howgego, and everyone else who
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Anna Chancellor
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Johnnie Ingram, Hugh Hancock, Morag Hannah, Erin Hardee

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Ian Mulliner
Erin Hardee
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